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Wicked Trucking Services Inc.

Fort St. John, BC, (Canada)

Phone: 587-343-7806

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Truck Drivers (2)


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Full time




Job Description:

Looking for a candidate with a broad spectrum of skills. We are hauling coal for Chetwynd mines. We have a 2017 Kenworth T800.
Driving a truck is not the only required skilled for this job. At Wicked Trucking Services Inc., we need an individual that can operate in a remote setting with minimal communication and guidance. This person needs to be able to make decisions on the fly and use common sense for all situations. Above all SAFETY is the upmost importance of this job. This job is a Day/night shift job. The truck is shared with a cross shift. Our operations run day and night. The shift is a maximum of 6 days per week with potential for the schedule to change based on conditions etc. The winter hours will vary from 12-14 hours depending on conditions, and driver experience. There is a standard requirement of 15 loads per driver, per week which is non negotiable and this job is paid by the ton.
Furthermore, a mechanical knowledge is required in order to trouble shoot and fix small to medium rated repairs. Repairs that are not able to be completed will be done by our 3rd party mechanics.
Bonus....There is another incentive on top of great wages....you will also get free accommodations within Chetwynd. This includes; rent, a bed (no bedding), dishes with utensils and cooking items, and internet. Food, phone and anything else is at your own expense. A computer is also available for business use and personal emailing.

Job Requirements:

Additional job requirements and information as follows:
-  Must have a valid driver license, current driver abstract, and a drug and alchol test complete for pre-employment. The D&A will be paid by the employee and reimbursed apon passing their 3 month probation.
-  Attending a mandatory orientaiton/safety meeting with the mine will be paid at $100.00 for the day. 
-  One training day is required, this day will be paid at $150.00 for the day.
-  The truck will also be required to be washed once every two weeks which will be paid at an hourly rate of 20 per hour.
-  Any additional work outside of hauling will be paid at 20 per hour for maintenance or down time due to uncontrollable circumstances.
-  PPE - employer does not supply PPE, you must have safety boots, hard hat, viz vest and optional coveralls.
-  Capablitiy of chaining up a truck is mandatory.
-  One set of wheel chocks will be provided but if lost or stolen you must replace them at your own cost.
-  Must be able to use a computer involving scanning your time tickets and emailing, this is a MUST.
-  Experience hauling on steep grades >12% with heavy loads, mandatory.
-  A minimum of 15 loads per week must be complete, no negotiations.
-  Night shift - which varies from 2am to 3 am start time and can finish at 2-3 am. This may vary depending on your cross-shift. It will be required that this person communicates well with their cross-shift.
-  Hours of operating - 12-14 hours to complete 3 loads per day paid per ton.
-  Must keep in good communications at all times with Owner.
-  All minor/major incidents must be reported.
-  Must keep the truck clean inside and out. Cleaning supplies are provided.
-  Must have a cell phone for communication.
-  Must be able to use a computer for emailing time tickets to administration.
-  Mandatory safety meeting in the morning and following all mines rules are mandatory.
-  This employment opportunities is open to Fort St. John residents and willing to relocate

How to Apply:

Please send a resume to derek@wickedtruckingservices.ca along with your contact information and references.

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