• February 18, 2024
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Welcome to our company,we are a group of creative people.


Our company, Hefei Young Vacuum Tech. Co.,Ltd is located in Hefei,Anhui.

We have many years experience for researching,manufacturing Vacuum equipment,mechanical equipment(except special equipment), electronic equipment,measuring equipment and testing equipment.  To develop and win more import and export business,we have a professional design team that can customize individual products according to requirements.

New Energy Battery Pack Liquid Cooling Plate Detection

For us it is not only about selling products but providing complete solutions. That means, we offer you technical assistance over the entire process including feasibility tests and test implementation. Customers also benefit from our complete product portfolio outside of leak detection that includes vacuum pumps,chambers and measurement instruments. Furthermore,we maintain a partner network to support you in regards to fully automated solutions.


Company Name: Hefei Young Technology Co., Ltd

Operational Address: No.58 Ning Xi Road,Hefei, Anhui Province, China


Tel: +86-18655117306


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