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Slot Machine Variants

The following is a brief explanation of the different types of slot machines:

Standard 3-wheel slot machines

These are the most common slot machines. You bet a certain amount, then spin the three reels and depending on the outcome, you win or lose.

3-Wheel Slots with 2-Way Maximum Bet

These machines allow you to bet a maximum of two coins, not three as in standard slots.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot means that a percentage of each bet you make goes into the progressive jackpot pool. You can win the progressive jackpot by getting a combination of high symbols, usually with a maximum bet.

Bonus Games

Machines that give access to a bonus game if you get a special symbol combination, or collect special symbols. If you manage to collect them, you will be introduced to the Bonus Round, where special prizes await you. Please note that in some nz casino games you must wager the maximum bet in order to qualify for this Bonus Round.

3 and 5 Line Slots

These machines require you to specify a wager per line, as well as a wager per line chosen. Your Total Bet is equal to:

Bet per Line x Number of Lines Selected = Total Bet

3-Line Slots give you a choice of 3 lines and 5-Line Slots have a choice of 5 lines.

My personal favorites among 5-reel slot is the White Orchid slot. I’m not a fan of the visuals, but still, it is oddly satisfying. 

Multi-line Slots - (same as above), these machines only have more than 5 lines, usually 8 or 9.

Multi-draw and 3 and 5 Line Slots - This is a new generation of slot machines. In multi-draw slots, after the first draw, you choose which reels you want to keep, and then you spin the other reels. 3 reels and 5 reels mean that you have 3 or 5 lines of reels, just like in slot machines.

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