Camp Sagitawa
July 1, 2024
Moberly Lake
Job Type
No experience required
Salary Type
Hourly Rate
$18.75/hr - day rate paid at $150/day - Room and Board on Site
British Columbia


Responsible to: Office Manager

General Responsibilities:

  • Assist with implementing all aspects of the office, and completing all tasks as assigned by the Office Manager.
  • Personally prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

Specific Responsibilities:


  • Read the materials and complete all required projects / paperwork received from the Camp.
  • Provide the Program Director / Office Manager with ‘need to know’ information regarding personal choices or struggles that may affect your level of care/competence –especially with regard to time spent with or around campers.

Camp Training

  • Take part in Leadership Training Camp, when possible, getting to know the staff.
  • Participate as a team player, showing respect and care to other members.
  • Become fully acquainted with facilities, grounds and emergency procedures.

After Each Camp

  • Ensure that all forms are completed and filed at the end of each camp.
  • Help prepare the appropriate information and supplies for cabin leaders for the next camp.
  • Assist in clean-up of camp as able
  • Fill out any paperwork required of you before you leave site


Duties included:

  • Assist as a receptionist and secretary, answering phones, typing, copying and filing.
  • Assist with parental contact before and after camp, showing an honest interest in them and their child.
  • Assist with registrations, making good contacts with parents and campers, collecting fees, and providing information as needed.
  • Assist with camp journals for each week as needed.
  • Clean office countertops, floors and door knobs daily.
  • Contribute to a positive working atmosphere in the office.
  • Complete other related duties as assigned by the Office Manager.
  • Be punctual.
  • Be flexible to assist with other parts of the camp program as schedule allows.

How to Apply

Email resume to

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