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Precision Well Servicing

Red Deer, Alberta (Canada)

Floorhands/ Derrickhands

Job ID: 5402
Occupations: Location: Fort St. John, BC
Employment Type: Full Time/Part Time
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Posted: 06.12.2018

Job Description:

Floorhand is an entry-level position responsible for assisting Derrick hands and Drillers on the rig floor, cleaning and painting, performing preventative maintenance on equipment and assisting in moving rig, rigging up and rigging out. Safety is the top priority for all service rig personnel

Derrickhands are responsible for all work above the rig floor, watching and maintaining proper well control characteristics, and guiding the pipe off the racking platform in the derrick while tripping in and out of the hole. Safety is the top priority for all service rig personnel.

Local work and camp work Available

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Apply to Stacy Petuh