5 AI tools for career exploration


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Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence are impacting the labour market. While everyone has an opinion on its use and prevalence, having knowledge of AI tools for career guidance can help career professionals effectively market or tailor their services to deliver the most value for clients. Here are some AI-powered platforms that offer interests and skills assessments, analysis of market trends and career guidance.

This article is part of a five-part series on AI in Career Development.

Career Copilot

Launched in September 2023, Career Copilot offers individuals personalized career guidance and support with resumes, cover letters and interview preparation. It also provides organizations with features to support the professional development of their workforce.


Users can take a test to find their top career matches based on their interests, goals, history, workplace preferences and personality. CareerExplorer uses machine learning models and career satisfaction data to provide personalized career matches. Jobseekers at any stage of their career can use this tool.


This is another AI-powered tool that analyses an individual’s interests, skills, values and experience to suggest potential career paths. Users can learn more about the suggested results and determine whether those align with their goals. People at any stage in their career can use the tool.

LinkedIn AI career coach

This article from Quartz outlines LinkedIn’s AI career coach, which allows user to interact with a chatbot about open job opportunities, evaluate whether a posted role is a good fit based on their LinkedIn profile and identify the skills they need to become a better candidate for their desired role. The tool is available to Premium members through the LinkedIn Learning platform.


People can take an assessment that will show their strengths and areas to work on for their job-search journey. They can join a talent pool to connect with employers and learn about industry trends to help improve their job search.

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