How to Make Job Interviews More Accessible

Designing an accessible, inclusive interview process for disabled individuals and those with diverse learning styles can expand the talent pool and foster workplace equity. To achieve this, hiring managers must adopt a thoughtful approach, starting with breaking free from preconceived notions about disability. Ludmila Praslova, a professor of organizational psychology, emphasizes the need to revamp outdated interview tactics, focusing on revealing candidates’ potential and assessing relevant skills.

Strategies include increasing understanding of disability, critically evaluating current practices, and offering flexibility in interviews. Katie Bach, a job creation expert, advocates for providing accommodations and tailoring the interview process to individual needs. Praslova suggests structuring interviews with predetermined questions to minimize bias and focus on objective evaluation.

Key principles include broadening perspectives, accommodating individual needs, and prioritizing structured interviews to ensure fair assessment. Conversely, managers should avoid blindly adhering to traditional methods, relying solely on candidates’ quick thinking, or making assumptions. By embracing inclusivity, organizations can create fairer, more effective interview processes.

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