Temporary Call-In Casual Worker Opportunities

Fort Nelson First Nation
    January 5, 2022
    Job Type
    Must have relevant experience
    Salary Type
    To Be Determined
    Fort Nelson, Fort Nelson First Nation
    British Columbia


    Effective Date: January 04, 2022-December 31, 2022

    Job types and starting hourly rates are outlined below; employment status is categorized as “casual” worker; hours of work will vary; shifts may include evenings and weekends; vacation pay is 4% paid out; benefits are statutory entitlements. Casual workers are eligible to apply for any internal job positing for which they are qualified.
    • Custodian (Worker I): $16.65
    • Class 4 Driver (Driver II): $19.30
    • Building Worker (Utility I): $16.65
    • ECE or Recreation Assistant (Para-Educator I): $16.65
    • Front Office Assistant (Clerk I): $16.65
    • Food Service Worker I: $16.65
    • Home Care Worker (PCA – Health Aide I): $23.73
    • Home Support Worker (Domestic Worker I): $16.65
    • Building Maintenance Worker (Labourer IIIA): $23.73
    • Roads & Equipment Operator (Labourer III): $23.73
    • Snow Shovelling (Worker I): $16.65
    • General Labourer (Labourer I): $19.30

    Fort Nelson First Nation accepts applications for Temporary Call-In (TCI) Casual Workers on an ongoing basis. TCI/Casual Workers meet our needs for backfill coverage and work load increases. Hours of work for a TCI/Casual Worker can range from less than one full day to 35 hours per week, and this is dependent upon the employer’s needs; there will be weeks when workers are not required to report to work. The employer provides training for skills in entry level jobs, and provides job orientation and safety orientation. TCI/Casual Workers with increased skills mix and willingness to orientate for work in multiple service areas may work with an increased frequently.
    TCI/Casual Workers should have a good level of energy and physically fitness required to perform the work, and should have good listening and communication skills to gather information and to ask questions in order to carry out assigned work. TCI/Casual Workers will frequently work with other employees to obtain information, supplies, tools, equipment and/or advice to solve problems.



    Knowledge, skills and abilities are dependent upon the job description and work required. All persons working with the vulnerable sector must provide proof of compliance with the B.C. provincial immunization program. All workers are required to comply with the employer’s COVID-19 Vaccination Status Policy. Some jobs are considered positions of trust and require the successful completion of a Police Records Check.

    The listed hourly rates are the starting hourly rates for the positions listed. Qualified applicants with required certificates, knowledge, skills, abilities and experience will receive Step 1 of the applicable Pay Band for that job. The rate offered is dependent upon the work type and the worker’s qualifications. Entry level workers are awarded an entry level rate of $15.20 per hour.

    How to Apply

    Kindly forward your cover letter and resume outlining your knowledge, skills, and abilities, and the job(s) that you are applying for by mail, email, or fax to:

    Human Resources, Recruitment
    Fort Nelson First Nation
    R.R. #1, Mile 295, Alaska Highway
    Fort Nelson, B.C. V0C 1R0
    E-mail: recruitment@fnnation.ca
    Fax: 250-774-7260

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